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A change of focus at Thai Cancun!

For more than 15 years, Thai Cancun Restaurant has been an icon of Thai gastronomy in this tourist destination, later Elefanta Restaurant was created, with its impressive Indian cuisine, both restaurants belonging to the Asia Gourmet Restaurant Group.

Elefanta Cancun has taken a recent and very marked growth among visitors to the destination, being much more requested than other restaurants of the same gastronomy, or restaurants of the same group.

Due to this growth in demand for Elefanta, Asia Gourmet has made a decision that may not impact the gastronomic experience offered by both restaurants, but generates a change in how the restaurant is perceived by the public.

For some time now, the Thai and Elefanta restaurants have shared one location, one dining room for 2 specialty cuisines, the restaurant shared 2 imposing personalities and cultures.

Now, the image of the restaurant is renewed, going from having 2 different concepts, to be one, wrapping 2 millenary cuisines in the same place, showing that 2 cultures can share the same place.

The same scenario, the same heart, in the center of Thai and Elefanta, in the heart of these 2 great treasures of Cancun, ElefanThai is born, a unique and amazing concept, which brings us the hope that even though 2 cultures, 2 gastronomies, 2 essences are different, we can enhance the beauty and purity of each one, letting them share knowledge and passion.

ElefanThai, the renewed concept of 2 great restaurants in Cancun, shows us that greatness is not achieved alone, but by sharing the strengths of each culture, of each cuisine, of each experience.



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