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New Year at ElefanThai! A Magical Night of Tradition and Exquisite Delights

At ElefanThai, we are much more than a restaurant; We consider ourselves a small corner of Thailand and India in Cancun. We are excited to tell you about the incredible celebration we had with our clients this New Year.

The night was divided into great moments, each designed to create unforgettable memories and immerse us in the true essence of Thai and Indian culture.

A Banquet for the Soul and the Palate

Our chef created a special menu that fuses the best of Thailand and India. A Thai and a Hindu entry, marking the beginning of a unique gastronomic experience. Among the main courses, the choice between Indian and Thai dishes was a delight and a challenge, as each bite unleashed an explosion of authentic flavours.

The event became even more special with the presence of a bottle of Moët & Chandon, toasting and celebrating the entrance to the new year with joy and hope.

Fireworks and Unforgettable Moments

The sky of Cancun lit up with the fireworks show from the various restaurants located on the shores of the Nichupté lagoon that culminated the celebration. It was a magical moment in which we all immersed ourselves in the beauty of the night. In addition, the New Year's celebration kit, full of festive accessories, and our photo booth, made every moment worth remembering.

Ceremony of the 12 Grapes: A Mexican Touch to Tradition

We do not forget our Mexican roots and, therefore, we incorporate the traditional 12 grapes ceremony. Each grape, a wish. Each wish, a hope for the next year. It was a symbolic moment that connected the world's traditions into a single celebration.

Fish Release: An Ending with Good Vibes

As a final touch, we immerse ourselves in the ancient Thai tradition of releasing fish. This emotional ritual not only connected us with nature, but also symbolized hope and renewal for the year ahead. With each fish that returned to its habitat, we left the old behind and embraced the new with hearts full of good wishes.

At ElefanThai, every detail was carefully planned to make this night a unique experience. We want to thank you for being part of our family and for allowing us to witness such special moments.

We look forward to next New Year, to continue sharing the magic of ElefanThai with all of you. Thank you for celebrating with us and making this night an unforgettable memory!


The ElefanThai team



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